Carlyle Field Partner



LLB (University of South Africa)

Specialisations and Interests

Carlyle specialises in pension fund law. He has advised a number of large retirement funds, bargaining councils and principal employers on pension and other employee benefits issues, including the conversion of funds from defined benefit to defined contribution, pensioner outsourcing arrangements, the formulation of surplus schemes and section 14 transfer schemes, fund management, the duties of boards of trustees and related issues. He has experience in engaging with the regulatory authorities (such as the FSCA and SARS) to achieve optimal outcomes to practical problems facing boards of trustees. He also has a thorough knowledge of the Pension Funds Act as well as other legislation and regulatory authorities (such as directives and circulars issued by the FSCA) that regulate retirement funds and boards of trustees. Carlyle is a Principal Officer and has over ten years of experience in the retirement funds industry.

Service on boards and associations: Carlyle was previously the Vice President of the Pension Lawyers Association of South Africa (PLA) and was a member of the PLA’s National Steering Committee for six years.  He is still a member of the PLA and represents the interests of the KwaZulu-Natal region.